reer or their studies, and how they see themselves. They also found that young people "look up to [celebrity athletes] for whats "cool" in products and brands". A study by Dr Mary Thornton and Dr Patricia Bricheno found that, for boys role models, "footballers" were a close second to fathers. Celebrities and the Generations Before Generation Y Most research seems to focus on celebrity influence on young people, but results from Dr De Backers study showed that older generations were interested in celebrity gossip because it made it easier to "form social networks" with others. Should Celebrities be Role Models? Because of their perceived success, the behavior of celebrities, particularly sporting celebrities, has a significant effect on the public, especially the younger generation. However, these people are examples of success in a specific role, and may not be the best choice for instilling moral values. Lord Voldemort, a 15yearold contributor to the Common Sense Media discussion on Role Models gone Bad, describes it as follows: "What has the world come to when parents cant be role Grape 5s models for their own kids? When they instead let random celebrities do it"Rubber cancer bracelets byWhat prompted ace cyclist Lance Armstrong to hit upon the idea to use rubber cancer bracelets to fund cancer research? No one knows. But the signature yellow rubber cancer Bred 11s bracelets worn by the seventime Tour de Force champion and cancer survivor quickly caught on as Cheap Jordan Shoes a common fundraising tool. And young people soon turned wearing them in all colors and with all kinds of messages stamped on them into a trend. The rubber wristbands have been around for decades as baller bands Toro Bravo 4s worn by basketball players because of restrictions against metal jewelry. But the trend really caught on with Armstrongs cancer bracelets. The Lance Armstrong Foundation says that more than 52 million LiveStrong bracelets have been sold already! But millions of other rubber cancer bracelets have also been sold. And that is witho.